04-05.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Maharashtra minister supports Goa in Mhadei row   Maharashtra minister of state for home Deepak Kesarkar said diversion of Mhadei water to Karnataka affects the natural flow of the river.   The place where Mhadei originates and flows in Khanapur taluka falls in Maharashtra according to the Mahajan Commission Report. Maharashtra rejected the report since Belagavi city was … Read more 04-05.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

Scheduled Tribes of Goa for Goa PSC

Scheduled Tribes of Goa The tribes like Gawda, Kunbi and Velip are the primary settlers of Goa. It’s terribly tough to reconstruct their early history as literary sources aren’t accessible for the same. The offered proof, significantly archaeological literary and folklore have evidenced that the tribes are aboriginals of Goa. it’s same that the Goan … Read more Scheduled Tribes of Goa for Goa PSC

Administrative Setup and Administrative Culture in Rajasthan.

Within a state there is generally a four-tier structure of ad- ministration – division, district, taluka/tehsil/block, and village. The district has been so far the most important unit of administration. Some of the states have introduced the system of Panchayati Raj, generally a three-tier structure of local self- government in rural areas at the vil- … Read more Administrative Setup and Administrative Culture in Rajasthan.



  • Origins of Indian theatre not very well known
  • Drawings on caves show that dance, music and drama were an intrinsic part of the life of the people
  • Sitabengona and Jogimara (Ramgarh, MP) have structures that are possibly the oldest theatres of the world
  • IVC: a seal shows a person beating drum while other disguised as a tiger
  • A few hymns of the Rig Veda are in the monologue and dialogue form
  • Natyashastra evolved some guidelines for drama



Different schools of art compared


Art & Architecture


  • Drainage system
  • Rectangular intersecting roads
  • Sanitary system

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Indian culture

Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times. for the said topic we can use ignou material …which i am uploadingHindi medium –https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_FR6Jkv0z2cbDdqYTE4b1E3UDQ&usp=sharingEnglish medium –https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_FR6Jkv0z2ccUIxV1VTVEdiZlU&usp=sharingits very lengthy material of 400 pages but you would know its importance only after reading it as it covers complete … Read more Indian culture