31.12.21 GOAPSC Daily Current Affairs

GOA Revival of industries pushes Goa’s GST collections to 73 per cent year-on-year   Driven by a strong resurgence in tourism and revival in manufacturing activity, the gross goods and services tax (GST) revenue collection in Goa continues to remain positive, with December registering a 73% jump in year-on-year collections. The growth, which is a 14% increase over November, is also … Read more

16.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA NRG’s for dual citizenship for Portuguese passport holders   The Goan Welfare Association, Qatar, has been pushing for dual citizenship for Portuguese passport holders having Goan origin.   Association president Simon D’Silva at a programme for the Goan community in Dubai, announced an ‘NRI Global Convention’ with a one-point agenda to demand ‘dual citizenship for Portuguese … Read more

30.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA Karnataka institute to prepare forest working plans   The state cabinet recently granted approval to the Bengaluru-based Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) to prepare a working plan for North and South Goa forest divisions. The plan will help evaluate the status of forests and biodiversity resources within a forest division, assess the impact of past management practices and help decide … Read more

29.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA Goan film featuring Mhadei’s biodiversity screened in Dhaka A film highlighting the rich biodiversity of Goa’s lifeline, the Mhadei, was screened in Bangladesh on December 17 as part of the International Film Festival at Dhaka. The documentary titled ‘Mhadei: Life in Monsoon’, directed by Ashish Shah from Panaji for the Goa forest department, showcases glimpses of the … Read more

28.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

  GOA   Goa among top 3 states in Centre’s good governance index Goa has emerged as one of the top three states with efficient governance models, ranking third in the Centre’s Good Governance Index (GGI) 2020-21, which was released on Saturday. Goa scored 5.35 as against a score of 4.29 in 2019, indicating a near 25% improvement over the … Read more

26-27.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA Goa can become hub for marine sci-tech activities: Dharmendra Pradhan Within a short span of time since its establishment, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Goa, has made considerable strides in the field of research, Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday, virtually presiding over IIT Goa’s first ever convocation ceremony. Altogether, 185 students from the 2020 and … Read more

25.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA   NIO scientists push for geo-engineering to enhance Arabian Sea’s iron levels There is so little iron in the ocean that even a bit of rust from an iron-made ship significantly throws measurements off. To avoid any such contaminations, scientists from the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) studied samples of seawater from the Arabian Sea and found that a large … Read more

24.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

  GOA Goa IPB clears 4 projects worth Rs 230 crore with potential to create 1,489 jobs   The Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (IPB) met on Thursday and cleared four investment proposals, which could bring in Rs 230 crore of investment to the state and also create jobs for 1,489 people. Chief minister Pramod Sawant, who chaired the … Read more

23.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA State has used 96% of funds sanctioned by Centre: CM   Chief minister Pramod Sawant  said that his government has been able to utilize 96% of the funds sanctioned to Goa for various projects by the central government. Several of the projects are nearing completion, while the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Goa, campus at … Read more

22.12.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs

GOA Goa’s connect with Portugal: Passport and football   Under Portuguese law, those born in their colonies before liberation – in Goa’s case, December 19, 1961 – continue to be Portuguese, provided their births are registered in Portugal. Their descendants, up to the third generation, are also eligible for Portuguese passports.   The state has … Read more

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