17.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Hope for Goa’s biodiversity   There is wonderful wildlife news in India’s smallest state. Recently, this newspaper first reported that a family of smooth-coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata) has taken residence in Pilerne’s Saulem lake. This water body has been plagued by widespread garbage dumping, sewage, and the same menace of haphazard construction that blights … Read more 17.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

16.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA State govt to arm traffic cops with 100 alcometers   There will not be cheer for this move if you are among those who booze and drive and have a penchant for speed. The state government has cleared the traffic police proposal to procure 100 alcometers and fours laser speed radar guns to crackdown … Read more 16.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

15.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Govt launches scheme to boost pork production   The state government has announced a ‘Varah Palan Scheme’ to provide financial assistance for the purchase and rearing of exotic and crossbred pigs and to augment pork production in the state. While any farmer residing in Goa for a minimum of five years is eligible under the scheme, … Read more 15.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

14.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Modicare inspired by Goa govt’s health scheme: Chief Minister   The Rs 5 lakh health insurance for 10 crore of the country’s poor population announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2018 Union Budget is modelled on Goa’s Deendayal Swastha Seva Yojana (DSSY), chief minister Manohar Parrikar said.   Parrikar said though the government’s decision to start … Read more 14.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

13.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA State govt working towards zero garbage landfill sites   Replicating the Saligao solid waste treatment plant model across the state can help Goa achieve its ambitious target of eradicating landfills altogether. Of the 61,000 tonnes of mixed waste that the Saligao plant has accepted, just 5% remains as residue and even that will be used in … Read more 13.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

11-12.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Dengue cases on the rise, Vasco, Candolim top list Dengue cases in Goa are on the rise with a majority of them being reported in Vasco and Candolim.   While 150 dengue cases were registered in 2016, 235 cases were registered in 2017. Deputy director, national vector-borne disease control programme, Dr Anant Palekar said that … Read more 11-12.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

10.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Goa government may take Rs 450 crore hit from mining closure   A mainstay of Goa’s economy, the closure of mining operations is going to hurt the state for the second time in a decade. The Supreme Court’s scathing judgment will extract a heavy economic price and could not only lead to a Rs 400-450 crore revenue … Read more 10.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

09.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Goa among 14 coastal economic zones   The Centre has identified Goa as one of the 14 Coastal Economic Zones along India’s coastline under the Sagarmala programme. Refining, steel and food processing industries have been shortlisted as potential sectors whose growth will be targeted in Goa, using Mormugao port as the linkage port.   The … Read more 09.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

08.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

  GOA Government to spend Rs 300 crore to procure quality mobile toilets: Parrikar   Stating that the government will spend Rs 300 crore in procuring quality mobile toilets having a biodigester system, chief minister Manohar Parrikar said that his endeavour would be to ensure that no house remains without a toilet by October 2.   Each … Read more 08.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs