Main Features of Budget of Goa

Main Features of Budget of Goa The GSDP at constant (2011-12) prices for the year 2015-16 (Quick Estimates) is estimated at above 37,520 crore as against 34611 crore in the year 2014-15 thereby reflecting a growth of 8.41 percent as against 9.64% in 2014-15. Growth rate projected an 11% growth in the GSDP(Gross state domestic … Read more

Goa : Trade and Commerce

Goa : Trade and Commerce Goa is situated on the west coast of the country with impressive socio economic indicators. The Structure of economic activities changes over time due to changes in structure of production and demand in the economy. There are lot of sectors that contributes to the trade and commerce of the state. … Read more

Goa : Tax and Economic Reforms

Goa : Tax and Economic Reforms The economic liberalization in India , initiated in 1991, with principles of Liberalization , Privatization and Globalization (LPG) of the country’s economic policies, with the goal of making the economy more market and service-oriented and expanding the role of private and foreign investment. Specific changes include a reduction in import tariffs, … Read more

Goa : Schemes and Projects

Goa : Schemes and Projects State government has proposed various schemes to provide welfare to all the communities so as to provide inclusive development of all. Goa’s per capita income was RS 2,71,793, which was one of the highest among all states. So there is no benefit of growing without the welfare of all the … Read more

Goa : Planned Development

Goa : Planned Development Town And Country Planning Town and Country Planning department is responsible for all the planning related activities in the state of Goa. The role of Town & Country Planning Department is statutory under the T&CP Act 1974 and advisory in nature for all the developmental activities under the other relevant Acts, … Read more

An Introduction to Goa Economy

An Introduction to Goa Economy Goa is located in the western region of India. The state shares its borders with the Arabian Sea to the west, Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the south and the east. Due to its scenic beauty, cultural diversity and architectural splendor of its temples churches and monuments it … Read more

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