Fairs and Festivals of Goa

Fairs and Festivals of Goa Goa Carnival The most amazing thing about Goa is that fun & festivities which begins in December with the holiday season does not stop upon arrival of the New Year but continues up to the celebration of Goa Carnival or the pre Mardi Gras revelry, a tradition that dates back … Read more

Folk Dances of Goa

Folk Dances of Goa Folklores bind the present with the past and keep the continuity of civilization. The originality of folklores has pleasantly surprised even most erudite scholars and litterateurs. Goa has a unique cultural heritage, rich and lively and it is known for several folk festivals and performances. Many castes, sub-castes and tribes mingled … Read more

Folk Songs of Goa

Folk Songs of Goa Goa, also known as the ‘Rome of East’ is one of the most happening and modern tourist destinations in India with heritage Goan culture and tradition. Colonized by Portuguese for 450 years, cultural heritage of Goa consists of numerous goa churches, temples and mosques. Goa’s exotic beaches that sprawl over wide … Read more

Handicrafts of Goa

Handicrafts of Goa Indian words for handicrafts are commonly hastkala, hastshilp, dastkari, karigari, all meaning handiwork, but they also refer to objects made with craftsmanship, i.e., specialised skills of the hands which are also artistic. The aesthetic content is an intrinsic part of such objects and means the object of utility has a value that … Read more

Languages and Literature of Goa

Languages and Literature of Goa Goa Literature Goa’s literature is as charming as the land itself. Goa is a very small state of India, previously ruled by the Portuguese. This colony had the distinction of being the first place in Asia, to be installed with a printing press in the year 1550. The Portuguese invaders … Read more

Workers, Peasant and Tribal Movements in Goa

Workers Peasant and Tribal Movements in Goa Tribal Movement The tribals of India, like other social groups, participated in the anti-colonial movement. The tribal anti-colonial movements were of two types – The movements against their oppressors i.e. landlords, money-lenders, traders, thekedars (contractors), government officials and Christian missionaries and The movements which were linked to and … Read more

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