A Simple And Easy Guide To Understand Physics Concepts- Guest Article by BYJU’S

Physics is one of the core branches of science and it forms the fundamentals of science, a student must be well versed in numericals, derivations and theory of important concepts of physics. Some students might find these topics challenging and complex; however we have devised a simple and easy to follow guide for understanding different … Read more A Simple And Easy Guide To Understand Physics Concepts- Guest Article by BYJU’S

14.06.18 Goa (GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Mediclaim scheme: Govt joins hands with third party administrator   The government has tied-up with a third party administrator (TPA) in a bid to cut costs on the implementation of its universal mediclaim scheme, Deen Dayal Swashtya Seva Yojna (DDSSY).   The directorate of healthservices (DHS) had extended its contract with M/s United India Insurance Co … Read more 14.06.18 Goa (GoaPSC) Current Affairs

13.06.18 Goa (GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Goa included in National plan to check marine pollution   Recognising the grave challenge that marine pollutants, especially plastic, pose to the oceans, the Union ministry of earth sciences plans to study the quantum of marine litter and their sources along India’s coastline.   With scientific estimates indicating that eight million metric tonnes of … Read more 13.06.18 Goa (GoaPSC) Current Affairs

10-11.06.18 Goa (GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Air quality in Goa’s urban areas worsens in 2017-18   High density of vehicles, inadequate monitoring system for checking vehicular emission and operation of condemnable vehicles is contributing to the deterioration of the air quality in the state’s major towns and cities, sources said. The air quality index values compiled by Goa State Pollution Control Board … Read more 10-11.06.18 Goa (GoaPSC) Current Affairs

07.06.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Health cards likely to be must for all migrant labour   Health cards could be made compulsory for all migrant workers in Goa to facilitate timely detection of malaria.   According to Goa, Daman and Diu Public Health Act, 1985 and Rules, 1987, it is mandatory for migrant workers only at construction sites to be screened for malaria … Read more 07.06.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

17.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Hope for Goa’s biodiversity   There is wonderful wildlife news in India’s smallest state. Recently, this newspaper first reported that a family of smooth-coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata) has taken residence in Pilerne’s Saulem lake. This water body has been plagued by widespread garbage dumping, sewage, and the same menace of haphazard construction that blights … Read more 17.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

08.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

  GOA Government to spend Rs 300 crore to procure quality mobile toilets: Parrikar   Stating that the government will spend Rs 300 crore in procuring quality mobile toilets having a biodigester system, chief minister Manohar Parrikar said that his endeavour would be to ensure that no house remains without a toilet by October 2.   Each … Read more 08.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

02.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Government to replicate Udipi’s cage fish farming model   The state directorate of fisheries is looking to adopt Udipi’s successful model of house-to-house cage fish farming.   Initially, about 100 4m/4m sized cages will be set up that locals can install in their yards and begin fish culture.   While the practice of raising selected … Read more 02.02.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

30.01.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA In govt-aided schools, state reserves 10% seats for itself   The directorate of education (DoE) has reserved 10% of seats in government-aided schools for allotment as per its own discretion. This move by the state government is part of a framework of new guidelines for admissions to schools. The admission criteria drawn up is nearly identical to the … Read more 30.01.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

28-29.01.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs

GOA Ferries from Mumbai to Goa likely to set sail in February   Procedural issues continue to plague the long-awaited Mumbai-Goa cruise ferry service, which has been further delayed due to lack of clearances from the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and the Directorate General of Shipping. The Mumbai-Goa ferry service was scheduled to start by December … Read more 28-29.01.18 Goa(GoaPSC) Current Affairs