23.10.21 Daily GOAPSC Current Affairs



Data analysts to help Panaji tackle climate change

As the threat of climate change grows real year on year, Goa’s capital city, Panaji, is emerging as one of the most vulnerable areas.

Recognising this, the Atal Incubation Centre at the Goa Institute of Management (AICGIM), Sakhali, set up under Niti Aayog, is set to gather data, assess it and offer solutions to build Panaji’s resilience to climate change.

The centre has put together a Climate Collective made up of members from across the country, which includes researchers, students, data analysts, professionals and entrepreneurs who will work in teams starting from Saturday, for seven days.

The organisers have dubbed the event Climathon Panaji 2021.




COP26: Bangladesh to share ‘Climate prosperity plan’

Bangladesh has planned to present its “climate prosperity plan” at the upcoming United Nations climate talks in Glasgow.

Climate prosperity plan will be presented with the aim of mitigating the effects of global warming on economic development.

This plan will also visualise boosting the renewable energy.

It will make agriculture more resistant to climate shocks.

The plan also seeks to find solutions in nature to challenges created by global warming, like restoring.

China’s New Education law

China passed its New Education Law on October 23, 2021 with the aim of cutting the “twin pressures” of homework and off-site tutoring in the core subjects.

This law is new, in series of China’s assertive paternal hand in the year 2021. China took several assertive moves ranging from:

Tackling addiction of youngsters to online games,

Deemed a form of spiritual opium

Clamp down on blind worship of internet celebrities.

On October 18, 2021, Parliament of China noted that, it will consider legislation for punishing parents if their young children exhibit “bad behaviour” or “commit crimes”.

Global Threat Assessment report 2021

The report notes that, Child sexual abuse is a chronically underfunded issue.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cases of child sexual exploitation and abuse online have increased.

In the last two years, reporting of child sexual exploitation and online abuse cases has reached its highest level.

According to “The Internet Watch Foundation”, there is an increase of 77% in child ‘self-generated’ sexual material in between 2019 to 2020. Such instances arose without any apparent external cause.

As per report, currently, 37% children use tools to detect online grooming.


US successfully tests Hypersonic Missile Technology

Hypersonic Missile Technology is a new weapons system which is already being deployed by Russia and China.

The test was conducted at a NASA facility in Wallops, Virginia.

It is a significant step in development of a Navy-designed common hypersonic missile.

This test by US demonstrated advanced hypersonic technologies, prototype systems and capabilities in a realistic operating environment.

Hypersonic missiles such as traditional ballistic missiles can fly at five times the speed of sound that is, Mach 5.

These missiles are more manoeuvrable as compared to their ballistic counterparts.


Indian Navy to conduct Offshore Sailing Regatta

Offshore Sailing Regatta is being conducted from Kochi to Goa.

In the event, Six Indian Naval Sailing Vessels namely, Tarini, Mhadei, Neelkanth, Bulbul, Kadal Pura and Hariyal will participate.

The race is scheduled to start from 24th October and will run for a tentative duration of five days.

Sailing vessels would cover an approximate distance of 360 nautical miles between Kochi to Goa.


Power ministry: New Rules notified to ensure Sustainability

New rules will also ease the financial stress of various stakeholders.

It will also ensure timely recovery of costs incurred in the electricity generation.

It will promote clean energy for ensuring the suitability and meet commitment made by India towards climate change.

New rules will help in achieving the goal of RE generation. Rules will also help in ensuring that the consumers get green and clean power. They will also secure a healthy environment for future generation.



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