DMPQ: Discuss the role played by Subash Chandra boss in the Indian national freedom struggle.

Bose was an Indian Nationalist and prominent figure of the India Independence movement. His contribution towards India’s freedom struggle was of revolutionary kind. The main contribution of S C Bose is discussed here under:

  1. During NCM he organised National schools and colleges and worked for Hindu Muslim Unity. He was appointed the Principal of National College in Calcutta.
  2. He was instrumental in bringing leftist ideology in the congress. He along with pt. Nehru were stalwarts of socialism.
  3. He was instrumental in mobilising the idea of complete independence and not only the dominion status. He was the member of Motilal Nehru committee. He was against the proposal submitted by the committee.
  4. Bose initiated the concept of National Planning Committee in 1938.
  5. He was instrumental in formation of Azad hind fauz. He attempted to get rid of Britishers during WWII by forming a separate army. He gave the slogan Delhi Chalo. And give me bold and I will give u freedom.
  6. He collaborated with japan and Germany to get rid of Britishers. He was the staunch believer in the complete independence.
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