DMPQ: Eventhough Non cooperation movement failed to achieve its objective but it gave direction to the national movement.

The goal of Non cooperation movement was swaraj. Though, the goal of swaraj was not achieved, the non cooperation movement had achieved lot of intangible benefits which have furthered the cause of national struggle.

The advantage rendered by NCM are discussed here under:

  • Wide spread participation: It reach among many sections of Indian peasants, workers, artisans, shopekeepers, traders,professionals Women also contributed in the movement.
  • The capacity of the poor millions of India to take part in modern national politics was also demonstrated. By their courage , sacrifice and fortitude in the face of adversity and repression they dispelled the notion that the desire for national freedom was the preserve of the educated and the rich and showed that it wasn elemental urge common to all members of a subject nation.
  • This movement reflected the zenith of Hindu muslim unity. Both communities presented a common front against the britishers.
  • The NCM also inspired the movements at the local level. Example in Assam labourers on tea plantation went on strike. Defiance of forest laws become popular in Andhra.
  • Emergence and acceptance of Gandhiji as the mass leader.
  • After NCM the attitude of the british against the congress was changed . It no longer represented the interest of microscopic minority.


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