Test :-History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan

mains test (400x431)Write the following questions in about 200 words and post your answers in comment box by typing or uploading as image . Ras Free notes team will evaluate all the answers and give the feedback.

Answers of these questions will be available next day:- 

1- Describe the Bhakti Saints and folk Gods of medivial Rajasthan. 6

2- Describe various communities of Rajasthan Drawing and comment on their subject matter. 6

3-Describe the various popular Handicrafts of Rajasthan. 6

4- Describe the Religious Beliefs , Cults and Saints of Rajasthan. 6

5- Evaluate the social impact of Praja Mandal Movement in Rajasthan. 6

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