Census of Goa

Census of Goa   Goa is known as a Goan in English, Goenkar in Konkani, goês or goesa in Portuguese and Govekar in Marathi. The Portuguese called the nearby Indian Christians “indiacatos” and the blended populace, mestiços. Goa has a populace of 1.459 million inhabitants, making it India’s fourth littlest (after Sikkim, Mizoram and Arunachal … Read more

Natural and Power Resource of Goa

                      Natural and Power Resource of Goa        Mineral Resources in Goa The State of Goa is a small emerald arrive on the west shore of the Indian Peninsula . The rich and changed mineral assets of the State have contributed liberally towards the improvement and industrialization of the State. The scene is generally bumpy … Read more

Transportation Network in Goa

Transportation Network in Goa   Transportation in Goa assumes imperative part. Transport via arrive, water and aviation routes. State legislature of Goa offers Facility to transportations system of Goa. Transportation system of Goa is following:- Roadways: Streets around associate all the majority of Goa. Government-run Kadamba transports at a transport station in Goa Goa’s open … Read more

Major Cities and Tourist Place of Goa

Major Cities and Tourist Place of Goa   Goa is an excellent place of India. Goa is a state situated in the Southwestern district of India; It is India’s littlest state by region and the fourth littlest by populace. Goa is one of India’s wealthiest states with a GDP for every capita over two times … Read more

Industrial Development of Goa

Industrial Development of Goa Current situation of Industrial development Goa is situated in the western district of India. The state imparts its fringe to the Arabian Sea toward the west, Maharashtra toward the north and Karnataka toward the south and the east. It is one of the quickest developing states in the nation. Goa has … Read more

Wild life and Ecotourism of Goa

Wild life and Ecotourism of Goa The rocky Western Ghats make it an ideal haven for many species of birds and animals and also provide a corridor for migration. The Western Ghats called the Sahyadris in Goa extend for a total of 600 kms in Goa of their total length of 3702 kms. The widest … Read more

Solis of Goa for Goa PSC

Solis of Goa “Earth needs to be nurtured with mother’s care because Earth gives everything for sustaining life” The main types of soils found in the State of Goa are Coastal Alluvial soil, mixed red and black soil, laterite soil and red sandy soil, which are sub-divided into 32 soil series. Type of Solis of … Read more

Vegetation of Goa for Goa PSC

Vegetation of Goa Biodiversity of Goa The term biodiversity is used to describe the huge variety of life on this planet. An astonishing 1.8 million different species have been identified and named by tribals, peasants and scientists. There are about 8,600 species of birds, 4,000 species of mammals and 32,000 species of flowering plants because … Read more

Rivers of Goa for Goa PSC

Rivers of Goa Drainage systems Drainage systems, also known as river systems, are the patterns formed by the streams, rivers, and lakes in a particular drainage basin. They are governed by the topography of the land, whether a particular region is dominated by hard or soft rocks, and the gradient of the land. About Rivers of Goa and Drainage Goa, twenty … Read more

Scheduled Tribes of Goa for Goa PSC

Scheduled Tribes of Goa The tribes like Gawda, Kunbi and Velip are the primary settlers of Goa. It’s terribly tough to reconstruct their early history as literary sources aren’t accessible for the same. The offered proof, significantly archaeological literary and folklore have evidenced that the tribes are aboriginals of Goa. it’s same that the Goan … Read more

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