DMPQ: What initiatives have been taken by Rajasthan government to promote primary education for girls?

Education is the key for women to achieve economic freedom. Although women in the country enjoy right to an education but equal access to education is a problem for the country. The rajasthan government has taken various step towards women primary education in India. The initiatives taken are as follows:

  • Opening up of KasturbaGandhi Balika Vidyalaya: During the year 2017-18, 200 ‘Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya’ (KGBV) arefunctioning and 19,984 girls are studying in these schools.


  • ‘Mewat Balika AwasiyaVidhalaya’: Nine of these schools are functioning. These residential school are established for girls in Mewat region which is largely educationally backward.


  • ‘Meena Manch’has been constituted by involving girls studying in the classes IV to VIIIof 19,106 upper primary schools including9,895 Adarsh School and 200 KGBVs to create awareness in the community on various social issues, viz child marriage, dowry system, etc and to motivate the parents of irregular, dropout and never enrolled girls to send their daughters to school.



  • ‘AdhyapikaManch‘ have been established to enhance the academic level of girls and to provide friendly environment to girl child in schools. 301 Adhyapikamanch has been formed at block level.


  • Innovation for girls education (Under SSA), ‘Saksham’(self-defensive training to girls) in approximately 14,000 government schools and 200 KGBV across all 33 districts of Rajasthan and ‘Jagriti’(Awareness among community for girls education in Selected 17 districts, which include 14 BetiBachaoBetiPadhao and 7 Special focus districts) schemes are being implemented to promote enrolment, retention and learning enhancement of girls.



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